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Keith Vaudeville Circuit

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Newspaper Clippings

  1. New Theatre Building - Victoria
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/7/1913
    Tags: architect; ladies and children; manager; proposed theater; seating capacity; vaudeville; ventilation
  2. At the Victoria - vaudeville
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/9/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; hours of operation; ladies and children; manager; music; opening notice; vaudeville
  3. Victoria Opens Tomorrow - vaudeville
    Wilmington Star - 1/11/1914
    Tags: balcony; hours of operation; manager; opening notice; program change; seating capacity; vaudeville
  4. At the Victoria - opening notice
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/12/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; hours of operation; opening notice; vaudeville
  5. Victoria - Ad - segregated balcony
    Wilmington Dispatch - 2/22/1914
    Tags: admission price; balcony; balcony, racially segregated; hours of operation; music; pianist; racial policy; vaudeville
  6. Victoria Theater - Ad - Society Dancers
    Wilmington Dispatch - 3/20/1914
    Tags: hours of operation; music; notable; promotions; vaudeville
  7. Victoria - Ad - minstrel shows
    Wilmington Dispatch - 3/24/1914
    Tags: admission price; band or orchestra; hours of operation; minstrel shows; music; vaudeville
  8. Victoria - Ad - children
    Wilmington Dispatch - 5/4/1914
    Tags: children; promotions; vaudeville
  9. Victoria Opens Labor Day -
    Wilmington Star - 8/30/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; manager; music; renovation; re-opening; vaudeville; WWI
  10. Victoria Will Present Season's First Bill Labor Day
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/31/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; music; renovation; seasonal exhibition; vaudeville; WWI
  11. Manages Victoria - Mr. F. W. Peiffer Takes Charge of Popular Playhouse Monday
    Wilmington Dispatch - 10/30/1914
    Tags: admission price; change in owner; ladies and children; manager; vaudeville; WWI