Documenting the American South


Going to the Show

Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

Associated Venues
Carolina 129-131 Market, Wilmington, NC unknown (12/2/1928*)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Wilmington to Have Talking Movies, Geo. Bailey Tells Public
    Wilmington Star - 12/2/1928
    Tags: company; manager; music; sound films
  2. Carolina - Ad - sound films
    Wilmington Star - 2/19/1929
    Tags: film title; notable; sound films; vaudeville
  3. Carolina Theatre - Ad - gala opening notice
    Wilmington Star - 2/24/1929
    Tags: admission price; film title; hours of operation; music; notable; opening notice; sound films
  4. Gala Audience Witnesses First Showing of Talking Pictures in Wilmington
    Wilmington Star - 2/26/1929
    Tags: film title; music; sound films
  5. Royal Theatre Will Open Talkies About January 20 - George W. Bailey Signs Contract With Radio Corporation For Latest Equipment
    Wilmington Star - 12/22/1929
    Tags: manager; sound films
  6. G.W. Bailey Will Reopen Carolina
    Wilmington News - 8/1/1934
    Tags: manager; renovation; sound films; ventilation
  7. Carolina Theatre Being Remodeled
    Wilmington Star - 8/2/1934
    Tags: manager; renovation; re-opening; sound films; ventilation