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Mrs. Alice Fisher Wells

Date of Birth
Date of Death
DescriptionWife of Percy Wells. illustrated song singer & dancer.
Associated Venues
Knights of Pythias Hall 202 North Front Street, Wilmington, NC singer (2/16/1905*)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Moving Pictures To-Night - illustrated song singers
    Wilmington Star - 2/16/1905
    Tags: charity; illustrated song; manager
  2. Illustrated Songs at Bijou
    Wilmington Star - 8/30/1907
    Tags: hours of operation; illustrated song; manager
  3. Illustrated Songs at Bijou
    Wilmington Star - 9/17/1907
    Tags: illustrated song; music
  4. Bijou Amusement Co. - Certificate of Corporation Recevied Here From Raleigh
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/7/1915
    Tags: company; manager; vaudeville
  5. Lease Filed Today
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/21/1915
    Tags: company; manager