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James Fox Howard

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Associated Venues
Carolina 129-131 Market, Wilmington, NC owner (1925* - 3/12/1933)
Bijou 205 N. Front, Wilmington, NC proprietor (12/22/1906*)
Victoria 129-131 Market, Wilmington, NC manager (11/1915* - 1917*)
Royal 119 N. Front, Wilmington, NC owner (4/24/1915)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Vaudeville Theater on Market Street - proposed theater
    Wilmington Star - 11/15/1906
    Tags: manager; proposed theater; storefront theaters
  2. Notice! - Bijou - fire safety
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/2/1907
    Tags: fire; manager
  3. The Film Suppressed - Bijou - censorship
    Wilmington Star - 5/5/1907
    Tags: actualities; censorship; morality; religious objection
  4. Bijou Theatre Property - Mr. James Howard Practically Closes Deal With J. W. Murchison and Co.
    Wilmington Star - 9/27/1910
    Tags: manager
  5. Israelites of the House of David Will Speak There - Bijou - lecturer
    Wilmington Star - 5/21/1911
    Tags: hours of operation; lecturer
  6. Fine New Theatre - Bijou
    Wilmington Dispatch - 12/8/1911
    Tags: airdome; architect; balcony; manager; proposed theater; purpose-built movie theater; seating capacity
  7. The Bijou Collapses - Moving Picture Theatre Gave Way Under Weight of Snow
    Wilmington Star - 2/13/1912
    Tags: proposed theater; renovation; tent
  8. Bijou Opened Last Night
    Wilmington Star - 5/31/1912
    Tags: admission price; balcony; manager; racial policy; re-opening; seating capacity; ventilation
  9. The New Bijou
    Wilmington Star - 5/31/1912
    Tags: film title; hours of operation; manager; re-opening
  10. Builds Theatre - Howard and Wells to Lease House to be Erected by Schuster on Front - Airdome
    Wilmington Dispatch - 10/22/1914
    Tags: architect; manager; proposed theater; seating capacity; vaudeville
  11. Bijou Amusement Co. - Certificate of Corporation Recevied Here From Raleigh
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/7/1915
    Tags: company; manager; vaudeville
  12. Lease Filed Today
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/21/1915
    Tags: company; manager
  13. Howard And Wells Buy Theatre Site
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/24/1915
    Tags: architect; balcony; fire; proposed theater; renovation; seating capacity; ventilation
  14. Wilmington's Newest Playhouse
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/24/1915
    Tags: airdome; proposed theater
  15. Contract is Awarded
    Wilmington Dispatch - 5/4/1915
    Tags: architect; proposed theater; purpose-built movie theater
  16. Contract Closed
    Wilmingoton Star - 7/2/1915
    Tags: architect; company; proposed theater
  17. The Royal Theatre
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/12/1915
    Tags: opening notice; vaudeville
  18. Opens September 20th
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/15/1915
    Tags: manager; opening notice
  19. Mirror Screen
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/19/1915
    Tags: company
  20. Royal Theatre To Open Today
    Wilmington Dispatch - 9/27/1915
    Tags: company; hours of operation; music; opening notice; organ; program change; seating capacity; ventilation
  21. Property deed for Royal theater
    Wilmington Star - 11/10/1915
  22. Theatre Deal Closed Today - Howard and Wells are Now Lessees of Both Victoria and Grand Theatres
    Wilmington Star - 11/10/1915
    Tags: manager
  23. Close Deal for Theatres - Messrs. Howard and Wells, Owners of Bijou and Royal, Secure Leases on Victoria and Grand
    Wilmington Star - 11/11/1915
    Tags: manager
  24. Victoria Theatre Will Reopen Next Monday
    Wilmington Dispatch - 2/22/1916
    Tags: film title; manager; music; re-opening; vaudeville
  25. Victoria Will Open Soon - renovation
    Wilmington Star - 8/25/1916
    Tags: band or orchestra; company; manager; music; program change; renovation; re-opening; vaudeville
  26. Royal Opening Tomorrow - architect
    Wilmington Star - 12/17/1916
    Tags: admission price; architect; balcony; company; renovation; re-opening; vaudeville
  27. Remodeled Victoria Theatre Opens Monday, February 3rd Featuring Heavy Stock
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/12/1919
    Tags: racial policy; renovation; re-opening; seating capacity; separate entrance
  28. Will Open New Victoria Theatre, Monday Feb. 3
    Wilmington Star - 1/12/1919
    Tags: company; opening notice; racial policy; renovation; separate entrance; vaudeville
  29. Motion Picture History In the Making In Story of Local Theatrical Moguls
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/13/1919
    Tags: program change; tent; ventilation
  30. Howard-Wells Amusement Company, Bijou Amusement Company - Ad
    Wilmington Star - 9/28/1919
    Tags: company; program change; vaudeville
  31. Theaters Sold - Grand, Victoria
    unknown publication - 4/3/1923
    Tags: change in owner; manager
  32. Theater Building To Be Remodeled
    Wilmington News - 4/30/1923
    Tags: closing; manager; storefront theaters
  33. New Lessee Local Theatres Assumes Charge Property - Royal, Victoria - racial policy
    Wilmington Star - 7/31/1923
    Tags: admission price; balcony; band or orchestra; change in owner; company; film title; hours of operation; manager; music; program change; racial policy; vaudeville
  34. Amusement Company Will Lease Properties After Last of the Old Year - Victoria, Royal, Bijou
    Wilmington Dispatch - 12/24/1923
    Tags: admission price; change in owner; company; manager
  35. J. Marcus Leases Theaters Operated by Amusement Co. - May Open Another Picture Show on Front Street - Deal Effective January 1
    Wilmington Star - 12/25/1923
    Tags: company; manager; proposed theater; storefront theaters
  36. Old Movie Revival - projectionist
    Wilmington Star - 5/4/1924
    Tags: film title; manager; notable; projectionist
  37. Two Girls And Two Boy Born At Bullock Hospital
    Wilmington News Dispatch - 6/10/1925
  38. Modern Day Picture - Bijou
    Wilmington Star - 1/2/1927
    Tags: admission price; film title; manager; organ; religious films; tent; ventilation
  39. Bijou Dresses Up for Christmas in Charming Manner - Mills Hunter Accomplishes Wonders at City's Oldest Picture House - war tax
    Wilmington Star - 12/18/1927
    Tags: admission price; manager; promotions; WWI
  40. Bijou Talking Film Received - distribution
    Wilmington News Dispatch - 4/17/1929
    Tags: distribution; film title; sound films
  41. Bijou Was First Motion Picture House in the State - It Has Progressed Rapidly and Is Now Showing Modern Pictures
    Wilmington Star - 12/8/1929
    Tags: admission price; film title; manager; notable; sound films; tent
  42. Sulke Buys In Theatre Sites
    Wilmington News - 3/12/1933
    Tags: change in owner
  43. Four Theatre Sites Advertised For Sale
    Wilmington News - 4/13/1933
    Tags: closing
  44. Trustee To Sell Theater Sites
    Wilmington Star - 4/13/1933
    Tags: closing
  45. Notice of Foreclosure Sale
    Wilmington Star - 7/1/1933
  46. Howard & Wells Sue J.M. Sulke
    Wilmington Star - 8/2/1933
    Tags: company; licensing; manager; notable
  47. J.F. Howard Continues Critically Ill In Hospital
    Wilmington News - 3/3/1938
    Tags: manager
  48. Howard Passes Crisis Is Believed Recovering
    Wilmington News - 3/4/1938
    Tags: manager
  49. Howard Funeral Tuesday Morning - company
    Wilmington News - 3/7/1938
    Tags: company; manager
  50. Theaters Closed In Honor of James Howard
    Wilmington News - 3/7/1938
    Tags: hours of operation; manager; notable
  51. James F. Howard
    Wilmington News - 3/8/1938
    Tags: manager
  52. James F. Howard Obituary
    Wilmington News - 3/8/1938
    Tags: manager


  1. Old Bijou Theatre
    unknown publication