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Going to the Show

A. Fred Dahmer

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Associated Venues
Odeon 126 Market, Wilmington, NC manager (4/1/1907*)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. New "White People's" Moving Picture Theatre Now Open - Odeon - racial policy
    Wilmington Star - 3/31/1907
    Tags: charity; children; illustrated song; manager; opening notice; promotions; racial policy; ventilation
  2. Graphophone is Not a Nuisance - Odeon - crime
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/24/1907
    Tags: crime; manager; music; notable; promotions
  3. Mysterious Disappearance - Proprietor of the Odeon Theatre has Not Been Seen Since Thursday - Odeon
    Wilmington Dispatch - 5/4/1907
    Tags: manager; notable
  4. Young Man Is Missing - Mr. Dahmer
    Wilmington Star - 5/5/1907
    Tags: closing; fire
  5. Mr. Dahmer Returned
    Wilmington Star - 5/7/1907
    Tags: notable
  6. The New Odeon - Popular Moving Picture Theatre Under New Management Now - name change
    Wilmington Star - 5/24/1907
    Tags: admission price; alias; manager; morality; name change; program change; racial policy