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Jacob M. Solky

Date of Birth
Date of Death
DescriptionBought the downtown property on which the Carolina, Grand, Royal and Bijou theaters were situated in 1933.
Associated Venues
Carolina 129-131 Market, Wilmington, NC owner (3/12/1933)
Grand 25 N. Front, Wilmington, NC proprietor (12/24/1910*)
Victoria 129-131 Market, Wilmington, NC proprietor (1/12/1914*)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. The Grand Theatre Opening
    Wilmington Star - 12/25/1910
    Tags: band or orchestra; company; hours of operation; illustrated song; manager; opening notice; program change; ventilation
  2. New Theatre Building - Victoria
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/7/1913
    Tags: architect; ladies and children; manager; proposed theater; seating capacity; vaudeville; ventilation
  3. At the Victoria - vaudeville
    Wilmington Dispatch - 1/9/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; hours of operation; ladies and children; manager; music; opening notice; vaudeville
  4. Victoria Opens Tomorrow - vaudeville
    Wilmington Star - 1/11/1914
    Tags: balcony; hours of operation; manager; opening notice; program change; seating capacity; vaudeville
  5. Building Goes On
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/6/1914
    Tags: renovation; WWI
  6. To Enlarge Grand Theatre
    Wilmington Star - 8/22/1914
    Tags: architect; manager; renovation; seating capacity; ventilation
  7. Victoria Opens Labor Day -
    Wilmington Star - 8/30/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; manager; music; renovation; re-opening; vaudeville; WWI
  8. Victoria Will Present Season's First Bill Labor Day
    Wilmington Dispatch - 8/31/1914
    Tags: band or orchestra; music; renovation; seasonal exhibition; vaudeville; WWI
  9. Victoria Theater - Brief Season of Moving Pictures
    Wilmington Dispatch - 11/30/1914
    Tags: admission price; balcony, racially segregated; feature film; film title; program change; racial policy; seating capacity; vaudeville; ventilation; WWI
  10. Solky Theaters Under New Manager - Victoria, Grand
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/10/1915
    Tags: admission price; feature film; manager
  11. Theatre Deal Closed Today - Howard and Wells are Now Lessees of Both Victoria and Grand Theatres
    Wilmington Star - 11/10/1915
    Tags: manager
  12. Close Deal for Theatres - Messrs. Howard and Wells, Owners of Bijou and Royal, Secure Leases on Victoria and Grand
    Wilmington Star - 11/11/1915
    Tags: manager
  13. For Rent--Rooms in the Grand Theater Building - Ad
    Wilmington Dispatch - 7/9/1922
  14. Theaters Sold - Grand, Victoria
    unknown publication - 4/3/1923
    Tags: change in owner; manager
  15. Sulke Buys In Theatre Sites
    Wilmington News - 3/12/1933
    Tags: change in owner
  16. Four Theatre Sites Advertised For Sale
    Wilmington News - 4/13/1933
    Tags: closing
  17. Trustee To Sell Theater Sites
    Wilmington Star - 4/13/1933
    Tags: closing
  18. Howard & Wells Sue J.M. Sulke
    Wilmington Star - 8/2/1933
    Tags: company; licensing; manager; notable
  19. G.W. Bailey Will Reopen Carolina
    Wilmington News - 8/1/1934
    Tags: manager; renovation; sound films; ventilation
  20. Carolina Theatre Being Remodeled
    Wilmington Star - 8/2/1934
    Tags: manager; renovation; re-opening; sound films; ventilation
  21. Colony is Closed - Theatre Began as the Victoria - No Plans For Old Structure
    Wilmington Star - 10/31/1974
    Tags: actualities; alias; architect; band or orchestra; closing; company; feature film; film title; hotel; manager; name change; renovation; re-opening; seating capacity; sound films; vaudeville
  22. The Colony Comes Down - Victoria - alias
    Wilmington Star - 4/24/1975
    Tags: alias; architect; company; feature film; film title; manager; name change; renovation; seating capacity; sound films; vaudeville