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Going to the Show

J. Sherwood Upchurch

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Associated Venues
Strand 124 W. Martin, Raleigh, NC owner (1918*)
Academy of Music Raleigh, NC manager

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Big Vaudeville At Strand Theater - re-opening
    The Raleigh News And Record - 9/1/1918
    Tags: band or orchestra; manager; re-opening; vaudeville


  1. Listing for Howe's Moving Pictures - Lyceum Theatre - manager
    New York Dramatic Mirror - 10/7/1905
    Tags: film title; manager; traveling exhibitor
  2. Listing for Lyman H. Howe's Moving Pictures - Messenger Opera House - manager
    New York Dramatic Mirror - 10/14/1905
    Tags: manager; opera house; traveling exhibitor