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Colonial Theatre

207-211 S. Main, Salisbury, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 5/8/1914* - 11/21/1919*
Performance Types movies , vaudeville
Racial Policy
Building Notesformerly the Grubb Theatre; street numbers previously 209-211 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Salisbury, N. C., November 1913, p. 18); Edison's talking picture equipment installed in May 1914 (Salisbury Evening Post, May 25, 1914, p. 2); balcony
Associated Persons
Beard, P.B. unknown
Welch, C. L. unknown
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Colonial Theatre - formerly the Grubb
    Salisbury Evening Post - 5/8/1914
    Tags: admission price; hours of operation; ladies and children; name change; vaudeville
  2. New Iris Motion Picture Theatre to Install the Latest in Curtain in Its Place
    Salisbury Evening Post - 10/12/1914
    Tags: renovation
  3. Articles Stolen From Theatre - Colonial Theater
    Salisbury Evening Post - 11/9/1914
    Tags: crime
  4. Give Real Baby Away
    Salisbury Evening Post - 3/23/1915
    Tags: charity; children; notable; promotions
  5. The Birth of a Nation
    Concord Daily Tribune - 10/27/1916
    Tags: birth of a nation; feature film; film title
  6. The Strand Theater Opens Thursday
    Salisbury Evening Post - 11/19/1918
    Tags: admission price; feature film; film title; hours of operation; ladies and children; music; name change; program change; serials; vaudeville; WWI