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Strand Theatre

207-211 S. Main, Salisbury, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 11/21/1919* - unknown
Performance Types movies , vaudeville
Capacity 700 (1926*)
Racial Policy segregated (1918*)
Notesbalcony reserved for blacks (1918)2008/12/06 kgl I modified opening date based on an article and ad in the Salisbury Evening Post
Building NotesFormerly the Colonial Theater, new management remodeled and renamed the theater Strand Theater; three-piece Strand orchestra (SalisburyEveningPost_1918-11-19_Theater1.tif); four-piece Strand orchestra (Salisbury Evening Post, January 4, 1919, p. 6); seven-piece orchestra (Salisbury Evening Post, June 7, 1919, p. 3); repaired, repainted, redecorated and reopened under new management on November 22, 1920 (Salisbury Evening Post, November 16, 1920, p. 2); gallery, balcony, orchestra (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Salisbury, N.C., February 1922, p. 3) Address later changed to 213 S. Main.
Associated Persons
Clark, W.D. manager
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. The New Strand Theatre formerly the Colonial will re-open
    Salisbury Evening Post - 11/19/1918
    Tags: admission price; balcony, racially segregated; band or orchestra; hours of operation; music; name change; newsreels; racial policy; renovation; serials; vaudeville; WWI
  2. The Strand Theater Opens Thursday
    Salisbury Evening Post - 11/19/1918
    Tags: admission price; feature film; film title; hours of operation; ladies and children; music; name change; program change; serials; vaudeville; WWI
  3. We give them - merchants trade week tickets on Ford car
    Salisbury Evening Post - 6/12/1922
    Tags: promotions
  4. Will toss 500 free tickets to Strand Theater from air
    Salisbury Evening Post - 9/8/1922
    Tags: children; manager; promotions