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Meroney's Theater

209-215 S. Main, Salisbury, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1904* - 1989*
Performance Types illustrated songs , movies , musical performances , vaudeville
Racial Policy
DescriptionThe Meroney Theater building housed different theaters throughout its history. In 1907, the Bijou operated on the first floor of Meroney's Theater as a movie and live-action theater. September 1909 saw the introduction of the Grand theater to the Meroney building, which was succeeded by the Grubb theater in 1911. The theater also operated under the names of The Colonial, The Strand, The State, Centre, The Towne Theatre, and Towne Twin Cinema (the theater's name when it officially closed).
NotesDaisy & Violet Hilton, American Siamese twins, performed there in 1945.
Building NotesConstruction of the theater is believed to have begun in 1904 for Dr. Leroy Meroney and his sister Lena. According to a November 8, 1913 property notice in the Salisbury Post, the property front was 65 feet along Main Street. Thirty-one of the 65 feet extended 254 feet back and the other 34 feet extended 180 feet back. The same notice reports that the building is comprised of an Opera House, Fraternity Hall and store rooms.
Associated Persons
Beard, P.B. proprietor (1915*)
Grubb, Clay proprietor (1911*)
Meroney , Dr. Leroy J. proprietor (1904*)
Meroney , Lena proprietor
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Newspaper Clippings

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  2. New Moving Picture Show - Meroney's Theater
    Salisbury Evening Post - 9/28/1909
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  3. Worlds Greatest Pathescope Motion Picture Machine - Meroney's Theater
    Salisbury Evening Post - 9/28/1909
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  4. Ad- If it hurts to laugh don't come to the Grubb Theatre
    Salisbury Post - 7/13/1911
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City Directories

  1. City Directory of Salisbury, N.C., 1907-1908.
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