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Going to the Show

Gem Theatre

105 Fayetteville , Raleigh, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1909* - 1911*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
NotesRemoved note "Corner of Fayetteville and Exchange Place"--The corner of Fayetteville and Exchange Place is 219, not 105, and exchange place does not appear on Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Raleigh, N.C., Aug 1909, p 10, rather it appears on page 12--there is however, a "Town Hall and Opera House" on the corner of Fayette. and Exchng Pl., but no indication of moving pictures is given. ELH 8/13/07
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Foster, W.N. proprietor
Mansfield, A.L. proprietor
Associated Organizations

City Directories

  1. City Directory of Raleigh, N.C., 1909-1910.
    unknown publication - 1909