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80 Pollock, New Bern, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 4/13/1911* - unknown
Performance Types illustrated songs , movies , vaudeville
Capacity 700
Racial Policy segregated (1917*)
NotesOpening night was standing-room-only, with 900 people in attendance (New Bern Weekly Journal, April 14, 1911, p. 1); illustrated songs introduced in early August 1911 (ad, New Bern Daily Journal, August 9, 1911, p. 4); hosted "Firemen's Night" on August 20, 1913, inviting every fireman in the city's four fire companies (New Bern Daily Journal, August 21, 1913, p. 1); in 1917 managers announced plans to donate one day's receipts each month to the local branch of the Red Cross (Morning New Bernian, June 20, 1917, p. 5); managers' contract with Goldwyn Film Company to show films was confirmed on December 11, 1917 (article, Daily New Bernian, December 12, 1917, p. 8); mail order ticket service available (New Bernian, December 5, 1926, p. 4); built as a theater, with blacony - double wide, with a restaurant next door. Em; half of balcony reserved for blacks (1917)
Building Notesprior to opening was referred to as Blade's Theater; AKA Athens Show Shop (New Bernian, April 19, 1919, p. 2); permanent structure built in November 1910 on empty lot at back of Elks Temple (site of second Bijou location) (Short passing events, New Bern Daily Journal, November 1, 1910, p. 4); steel ceiling (Short passing events, New Bern Daily Journal, March 2, 1911, p. 4) "Ben Hur" drop curtain (New Bern Weekly Journal, April 14, 1911, p. 1); equipped with "two of Edison's latest Kinetoscopes" (New Bern Daily Journal, August 27, 1913, p. 1); 20 large fans (New Bern Daily Journal, August 8, 1913, p. 1); nearest seat is 25 feet from the screen (New Bern Daily Journal, September 24, 1913, p. 5); Kinetophone about to be introduced (New Bern Daily Journal, December 7, 1913, p. 1); mirror screen installed (Morning New Bernian, January 13, 1917, p. 5); theater closed for three days when typhoon cooling system was installed on roof (Morning New Bernian, April 22, 1917, p. 6); box seats (Morning New Bernian, July 1, 1917, p. 5); renovations add 16 ft to rear of theater to add extra dressing rooms (Morning New Bernian, August 29, 1917, p. 1); balcony, listed as Athens Show Shop (City Directory, 1920-1921); 15-ft. tall drapes added, trellis work and footlights added (New Bernian, July 22, 1928, p. 8); talkie equipment improved in 1929 (New Bernian, September 12, 1929, p. 3)
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