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Gayety Theatre

18 North Pack Sq., Asheville, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1907* - 1912*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
Descriptioncontinuous performances Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. orchestra, "Refined Vaudeville". admission price 5 cents for matinee and evening performances.
NotesLynch, Stephen A. (President) (resident of New York); found name of pianist in 1909; ownership and management of theater changed hands 10-03-1909 found article in Asheville Citizen; management of theater changed hands May 25, 1910 article managers Mathod and Gardner
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Cleveland proprietor
Collister E. E. proprietor
Ernestine M. Dauel pianist
Gardner manager
Lynch, S. A. manager
Mathod manager
McLaurin proprietor
Moore proprietor
William C. proprietor
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

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