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Going to the Show

Majestic Theatre

28 E. College, Asheville, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1913* - 1932*
Performance Types movies
Capacity 1000 (1926*)
Racial Policy
Description10 piece orchestra. show times- matinee 3:30, night 7:30, 9. musical comedy and vaudeville.
Notesclarified address, added note about being back in operation in 1925 to Building field, changed "1923" to "1932" in "close date" field as no indication of a source for 1923 is given and the theater appears to be open in 1925 and is listed until 1932 in Film Daily Yearbook (note: do not have full listing for 1931 Film Daily Yearbook), ELH 8/3/07 opening date of theater- May 27, 1927: Asheville Citizen, p. 7.; no mention of racial policy
Building Notesbeing built Jan. 1913, stage and "gallery" (balcony) (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map); building located on the corner of College and Market (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, January 1913, p. 4); not in operation Nov. 1917 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, November 1917, p. 5); appears to be back in operation in 1925 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1925, p. 4); listed as "Silent House" (Film Daily Yearbook, 1930, p. 779); appears to be closed by 1932, no longer listed (Film Daily Yearbook, 1932, p. 780)
Associated Persons
Cooper, Albert manager (1920*)
Eaton, Troy operator (1920*)
Lilly, Arthur W. musician (1920*)
Martin, Jay G. musician (1920*)
Sparks, E.J. manager
Associated Organizations
Majestic Amusement Co. unknown

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Majestic - Ad - new policy to only show motion pictures
    Asheville Citizen - 5/2/1915
    Tags: admission price; band or orchestra; concessions; film title; music; vaudeville
  2. Moving Pictures at Majestic Tomorrow - music
    Asheville Citizen - 5/2/1915
    Tags: band or orchestra; feature film; film title; manager; music; vaudeville
  3. Majestic - Ad - A Sparkling Musical Comedy and Vaudeville Treat The "Honeymoon Limited"
    Asheville Citizen - 4/15/1926
    Tags: film title; hours of operation; music; vaudeville
  4. Princess Theatre - Ad - first ad
    Asheville Citizen - 4/15/1926
    Tags: admission price; film title

City Directories

  1. City Directory of Asheville, N.C., 1914.
    unknown publication - 1914