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424 N. Main, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 7/1/1915* - 1927*
Performance Types movies
Capacity 420 (7/3/1922*)
350 (1926*)
Racial Policy
DescriptionNew building opened 7-3-22. Designed by Erle Stillwell; air conditioned, 420 seats
NotesRenovated and expanded in 1921 by Erle Stillwell (architect). Moved to a new building on June 2, 1922 (HendersonvilleNews_1922-7-3_Theater.tif). Could be owned by same people as the Grand, or could possibly be the Grand? The Queen was used as a "repurposed" retail space and took the place of a grocery store in the Hyder Building, Stillwell's first work in theatre architecture. The Queen Theater appears in the 1927 Hendersonville city directory but is not listed in the 1937 directory. No directories are available between those years, thus the 1927 close date is an estimate. In the 1937 directory, however, the State Theater appears, located at the Queen's address on 424 N. Main Street.
Building NotesHyder building; adjoining city hall; balcony (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Hendersonville, N.C., September 1926, p. 6)
Associated Persons
Caplon, Benjamin manager
Glenn, Chester manager
Stillwell, Erle architect
Associated Organizations
Howard-Wells Amusement Co. unknown (1926*)


Newspaper Clippings

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  2. The Queen Moving Picture Show is Latest for City - Queen - opening notice
    French Broad Hustler - 7/8/1915
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  3. Hypnotic Comedy in City - Queen - promotion
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  4. Vista and Queens Close for Revival - morality
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  7. Foto-Player is Pleasing to Many Theatre Patrons - Queen
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  8. Movies Show Up Fine Views of Men and Town - Queen - local films
    Hendersonville News - 1/6/1921
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  9. Queen Theatre Cont. - Rialto opening notice
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  10. Queen Theatre Installs New Movie Machine - projection problems
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  11. Queen Theatre Complies Fully with Builidng Requirements of the State - fire safety
    Hendersonville News - 2/21/1922
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  12. Special Pictures to be Shown Here for Children - Palace
    Hendersonville News - 3/17/1922
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  13. New Queen Theatre Will Make its Debut Amusement - fire safety
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  14. Calendar of Fourth Activities - Queen - location change
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  15. Heating System at Queen Installed Just Ahead of Snow Fall
    Hendersonville News - 11/29/1922
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