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Going to the Show


219 S. Elm, Greensboro, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1909* - 4/1922*
Performance Types movies
Capacity 610 (1912*)
500 (1926*)
Racial Policy
NotesAccording to a newspaper ad on 11/03/1919, the theater was remodeled and re-opened on 11/04/1912. The theater was remodeled again in 1922. The last ad for the Bijou appears on April 4, 1922.
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Collins, C. C. manager
Craver, J. B. unknown
Pryor, G. W. manager
Associated Organizations
Broadway Amusement and Investment Co. unknown (1918*)
North and South Carolina Enterprises, Inc. unknown (1921*)
Virginia-Carolina Amusement Co. unknown (1920*)

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Bijou - Ad - program change
    Greensboro Daily News - 4/27/1910
    Tags: advertisement; music; program change
  2. Bijou - Ad - re-opening notice
    Greensboro Daily News - 11/3/1912
    Tags: admission price; family; hours of operation; morality; music; re-opening
  3. Bijou Theater Is Ready For Opening
    Greensboro Daily News - 11/3/1912
    Tags: company; hours of operation; manager; program change; renovation; re-opening; seating capacity; vaudeville; ventilation
  4. Organization Of Southern Amusement Co. Is Complete - Bijou - new management
    Greensboro Daily News - 4/12/1914
    Tags: company; manager; program change
  5. Elm - Ad - closing notice
    Greensboro Daily News - 3/24/1918
    Tags: balcony, racially segregated; band or orchestra; closing; feature film; film title; ladies and children; manager; music; newsreels; program change; racial policy; seating capacity; vaudeville; WWI
  6. The Imperial Opens Today
    Greensboro Daily News - 12/6/1921
    Tags: band or orchestra; film title; hours of operation; music; name change; opening notice; organ
  7. Bijou To Open Tomorrow
    Greensboro Daily News - 3/23/1922
    Tags: film title; renovation; re-opening