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Going to the Show


220 W. Main, Gastonia, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 2/1916* - 1921*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
NotesStopped advertising around summer of 19199/08 ahn changed opening date
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Beard, Jackson B. unknown
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. At the Broadway Theater
    Gastonia Gazette - 2/22/1916
    Tags: admission price; feature film; film title
  2. At the Movies - Broadway, Ideal, Cozy
    Gastonia Gazette - 2/22/1916
    Tags: feature film; film title
  3. At the Movies - Ideal, Broadway, Cozy
    Gastonia Gazette - 2/25/1916
    Tags: film title
  4. At the Movies…Benefits at Broadway and Ideal - charity
    Gastonia Gazette - 8/17/1917
    Tags: charity; feature film; film title; manager
  5. Broadway - Ad - influenza
    Gastonia Gazette - 11/11/1918
    Tags: admission price; influenza