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125 W. Main, Gastonia, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1911* - 1913*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
NotesCraver's Ideal Theatre replaced Beard's Theato. The theater opened after renovations on Thursday June 26 1913; Closed in 1913 and was replaced by Craver's Ideal Theater; 2-Reel Pictures (starting April 20, 1912)9/7/2008 AHN added type of film shown; 9/11/2008 AHN added close notes
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Beard, Jackson B. unknown
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Car Race Picture at Theato
    Gastonia Gazette - 12/29/1911
    Tags: actualities; admission price
  2. Theato - Ad - feature films
    Gastonia Gazette - 4/16/1912
    Tags: feature film; film title; manager
  3. Theato - Ad - July 4 program
    Gastonia Gazette - 6/28/1912
    Tags: film title
  4. Big Fourth of July Celebration to be Shown Thursday and Friday…Will Advertise Gastonia in other Towns - Theato
    Gastonia Gazette - 7/9/1912
    Tags: local films; manager
  5. Theato - Ad - Gastonia's Big Fourth of July Celeb. In Moving Pictures
    Gastonia Gazette - 7/9/1912
    Tags: local films
  6. Ideal - Ad - opening notice
    Gastonia Gazette - 6/24/1913
    Tags: closing; manager; name change; opening notice; renovation

City Directories

  1. Directory of Gastonia, N.C., 1913-1914.
    unknown publication - 1913