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Going to the Show


211 W. Main, Durham, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 11/14/1913* - 3/1917*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Jourdan, Charles proprietor
Phillips, Paul V. manager (1917*)
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. "What Is It?" - Edisonia - promotion
    Durham Morning Herald - 9/21/1913
    Tags: promotions
  2. Grand Theater Will Open Tuesday Night
    Durham Daily Sun - 11/13/1913
    Tags: music; opening notice; promotions
  3. Grand Theater Will Open Tonight
    Durham Daily Sun - 11/14/1913
    Tags: admission price; film title; ladies and children; opening notice; promotions
  4. Bijou Theater - Ad - minstrel show
    Durham Morning Herald - 12/28/1913
    Tags: admission price; drugstore; minstrel shows; music
  5. Grand - Ad - new management
    Durham Morning Herald - 2/4/1917
    Tags: band or orchestra; hours of operation; manager; music; pianist