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Going to the Show

Star Theatre

3 N. Union, Concord, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 7/1920* - unknown
Performance Types movies
Capacity 500 (1926*)
Racial Policy
Descriptionenlarged seating to 500 seat capacity. changed managers from Mr. B. W. Means to Mr. Fred Young and Mr. Grove S. Boylin.
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Boylin, Grove S. unknown
Means, B.W. unknown
Wallace, L.L. unknown
Young, Fred unknown
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Grand Opening Star Theatre
    Concord Daily Tribune - 6/18/1920
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  2. Star Theatre Today
    Concord Daily Tribune - 7/16/1920
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  3. At the Theatres - Star Theatre - feature films
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  4. Shetland Pony
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  5. Star Theatre to Enlarge to 500 Capacity
    Concord Times - 2/28/1921
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  6. Star Theatre is Sold to Two Salisbury Men - manager
    Concord Times - 5/2/1921
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  7. At the Theatres
    Concord Daily Tribune - 6/23/1922
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City Directories

  1. Concord, N.C. City Directory, 1920-1921.
    unknown publication - 1920