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Opera House

58-60 S. Union St., Concord, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 2/1907* - unknown
Performance Types dramatic performance , movies , vaudeville
Racial Policy
Descriptionoriginally vaudeville performance, but renovated in 1909 to include fire escapes for safety purposes. the opera house began playing talking motion pictures in 1913 and the opera house was renamed the Rose Opera. admissions prices changed from 5/10 cents to 10/15 cents.
NotesOpera House opened long before 1907, but first mention that it plays moving pictures was on 2/16/1906
Building Notesaddress found p 234 of the Concord City Directory 1908
Associated Persons
Associated Organizations
Schloss Chain of Opera Houses unknown

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Opera House - Ad - Iriwin and Steel Moving Pictures
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    Tags: religious films
  2. Opera House - Ad - vaudeville
    Concord Evening Tribune - 5/26/1909
    Tags: admission price; vaudeville
  3. Schloss Gets Opera House
    Concord Evening Tribune - 7/5/1909
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  4. Work on Opera House
    Concord Evening Tribune - 7/26/1909
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  5. Opera House Managers
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  6. The Talking Pictures - Opera House
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  7. New Picture Show and Vaudeville House - Opera House
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  8. Grand Opening Today - Opera House
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    Tags: admission price; opening notice; vaudeville


  1. Listing for Lyman H. Howe's Moving Pictures - Messenger Opera House - manager
    New York Dramatic Mirror - 10/14/1905
    Tags: manager; opera house; traveling exhibitor