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200 N. Tryon, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 4/13/1907* - 1923*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
Building Notesbuilding covers 200-204 N. Tryon (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1911, p. 2); address listed later as 202 N. Tryon, but appears to be same theater
Associated Persons
Haas, Otto manager (1914*)
Snider, J.A. manager (1909*)
Snyder, J.F. proprietor (1907*)
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. New Moving Picture Show - Edisonia
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 4/14/1907
    Tags: manager; opening notice; storefront theaters
  2. Relocation of Odeon, Mystic, and Royal
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 12/17/1907
    Tags: closing; location change
  3. Announces Opening of Greensboro Theaters by Charlotte Proprietors
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 1/17/1908
    Tags: manager; proposed theater
  4. A-Mus-U Opens
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 12/11/1910
    Tags: film title; manager; opening notice

City Directories

  1. Charlotte, N.C. City Directory, 1914.
    unknown publication - 1914