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Going to the Show


204 S. Tryon, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 11/1906* - 3/1908*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
NotesFirst advertisement found thus far is for 10/20/1906, but it appears to have been open longer; will continue to look. 6/19/08; have found ad as early as Jan. of 1905. 6/24/08 eebUpdated person's involved from article in Charlotte Observer on 8/21/1907.
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Peters, Will A. proprietor
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Odeon - Ad - first ad
    The Charlotte News - 11/1/1906
    Tags: film title; manager
  2. Odeon - Ad - first ad
    The Charlotte News - 11/3/1906
    Tags: advertisement
  3. "Col. Peters Has A Mission" and "Why Col. Peters Came To Charlotte" - Mystic, Odeon - manager
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 5/6/1907
    Tags: manager
  4. "That Latta Parks Shows" and article above - Odeon, Mystic and Royal
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 5/6/1907
    Tags: manager
  5. "Johnny And Moving Picture Outfit Lost" - Odeon, Mystic - crime
    The Charlotte News - 6/3/1907
  6. Relocation of Odeon, Mystic, and Royal
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 12/17/1907
    Tags: closing; location change
  7. Two Small Fires - Odeon
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 2/29/1908
    Tags: fire
  8. Monarch to Replace Odeon
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 3/3/1908
    Tags: opening notice; renovation
  9. Monarch Opens
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 3/8/1908
    Tags: film title; name change; opening notice; renovation