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Theato No. 1

31 W. Trade, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 4/29/1907* - 1911*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
NotesChanged close date from 1914 to 1911 because no theater shown at 31 W. Trade on Sanborn Map, 1911, p 4. Originally open in 1909 as "Theato," then Changed name to "Theato No. 1" when additional theater ("Theato No. 2") opened in 1910. By 1911, Star Theater located at 27 W. Trade appears to have closed and "Theato No 1" moved into that location. It appears then that the theater simply changed names from "Theato No. 1" back to "Theato" when "Theato No. 2" closed in 1912. (see entry below). ELH 8/6/2007Updated opening information as well as person's involved., Updated opening year from 1909 to 1907 from blurb found in Charlotte paper for Theato. I'm not sure if this is the same theater or not, but will search for more information such as address to clarify (6/24/08). Located on W. Trade St. (6/26/08)
Building NotesTheato No. 1 appears to have moved to 27 W. Trade by 1911 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1911, p. 4)
Associated Persons
Haas, Otto manager
Associated Organizations

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Theato - opening notice
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 4/26/1907
    Tags: opening notice; proposed theater
  2. Theato - Thaw-White
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 5/6/1907
    Tags: advertisement; film title
  3. Relocation of Odeon, Mystic, and Royal
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 12/17/1907
    Tags: closing; location change
  4. Announces Opening of Greensboro Theaters by Charlotte Proprietors
    Charlotte Daily Observer - 1/17/1908
    Tags: manager; proposed theater

City Directories

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