Documenting the American South


Going to the Show

Name Unknown

128 E. Franklin, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1915* - 1932*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
Building Notesaddress was 20B-C in 1915 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1915, p. 4); 121-123 in 1925 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1925, p. 7); 128 in 1932 (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1932, p. 7); shown on Sanborn Map as "to be picture show" (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Chapel Hill, N.C., December 1915, p. 4); "not used" (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1932, p. 7)
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