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Going to the Show

Carolina Theater

217 S. Main Street, Lexington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1948* - 1979*
Performance Types
Capacity 1179
Racial Policy
DescriptionThe previous building in which the Carolina Theater was housed in was partially destroyed by fire in 1945. Showed movies in a high school auditorium until the site was secured. Double door vestibule with large concession stand. 779 seat capacity in the auditorium and 400 in the balcony. Theater for live and cinematic performances with full stage, fly loft and dressing rooms. Segregated theater, entrance for African American patrons on the far right hand side of the theater. Separate mezzanine held smaller toilets, concession stand and lounge for African American patrons. 204 seats of the balcony reserved for African American patrons. Lavish decorations for both races on the interior and exterior. Elaborate opening day festivities.
Building Notes
Associated Persons
Stillwell, Erle architect
Associated Organizations