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Going to the Show

Globe Theatre

545-547 E. Nash, Wilson, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1916* - 1930*
Performance Types movies
Capacity 400 (1927*)
Racial Policy black
NotesChanged Close date to 1930 because theater no longer shown on Sanborn Map. However, an African American theater by the name of Globe appears in Film Daily Yearbook, 1931 (p 848), 1932 (p. 835), and 1933 (pg. # cut off). Don’t have African American theaters for 1930. Didn;t add new entry for 1931-1933 because unsure about "ID" column." Also need to remove un-named theater at 545-547 E. Nash in Movies Part 1 (same theater) ELH 8/13/07
Building Notespreviously 538, moved or closed by 1930, does not appear on map (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1930, p. 12); movies on second floor, lodge hall on third, in black neighborhood (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Wilson, N.C., February 1922, p. 28)
Associated Persons
Jones, Charles proprietor
Vick, S.H. proprietor (1920*)
Associated Organizations