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129 Market, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1/20/1909* - 9/1909*
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy segregated (1/20/1909*)
DescriptionThe LeGrand, a short-lived storefront movie theater located in a downtown hotel building, was opened by a former patent medicine salesman.
NotesThe LeGrand had been open only three days when Washington Wells was taken ill and died. The LeGrand was sold to Frank Peiffer in the summer of 1909, and he opened the Joyland Theater in that space in September 1909.
Building NotesThe LeGrand was a situated in one of the two storefront spaces on the first floor of Bonitz Hotel Building at 129 Market Street, near the corner of Market and 2nd Street in downtown Wilmington. The space is noted on the 1910 Sanborn map as "moving pictures," and is approximately 20 feet wide and 75 feet deep.
Associated Persons
Denny, Charles S. proprietor
Partin, M.L. proprietor (1/20/1909*)
Wells, Washington B. proprietor (1/20/1909*)
Associated Organizations


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Newspaper Clippings

  1. Le Grand Theatre - New Moving Picture House on Market Street - Opens This Evening
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  2. The Theater- Crystal Palace, Bijou, LeGrand
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    Wilmington Star - 2/6/1909
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  4. Academy of Music, Bijou, Crystal Palace, Le Grand - charity
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  7. Colony is Closed - Theatre Began as the Victoria - No Plans For Old Structure
    Wilmington Star - 10/31/1974
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