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126 Market, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 4/1/1907* - 6/1907
Performance Types illustrated songs , movies
Racial Policy white (4/1/1907*)
DescriptionThe Odeon was Wilmington's second movie theater, and the first for whites only. Situated in a downtown commercial space, it closed within three months after one of its proprietors committed suicide.
NotesIt is the first theater in Wilmington to have an explicitly advertised racial policy. An article announcing the opening of the Odeon in the Wilmington Star on March 31, 1907 notes: "One of the greatest points of superiority of 'The Odeon' over other moving picture theaters is that it is exclusively for white people. No negroes will be admitted except nurses with children."
Building NotesIt was located at 126 Market Street, between Front and 2nd Street in downtown Wilmington, in a small space (20'x50') occupied until only a few weeks before by the Rehder Candy Company.
Associated Persons
Dahmer, A. Fred manager (4/1/1907*)
Lillycrop, John H. manager (5/24/1907*)
Lillycrop, Mary manager (5/24/1907*)
Stonebanks, C.W. manager (4/1/1907*)
Associated Organizations


  1. Odeon Timeline Commentary
    Tags: children; fire; racial policy

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Mr. C. W. Stonebanks leaves Charlotte to Open Pictures Show in Wilmington
    Wilmington Messenger - 3/27/1907
    Tags: manager; proposed theater
  2. The Odeon Opens Monday
    Wilmington Dispatch - 3/29/1907
    Tags: children; illustrated song; manager; opening notice; promotions; racial policy; special showing
  3. The Odeon, On Market Street - Newest Amusement Enterprise, a Moving Picture Theatre
    Wilmington Messenger - 3/30/1907
    Tags: children; manager; opening notice; promotions; racial policy; storefront theaters
  4. New "White People's" Moving Picture Theatre Now Open - Odeon - racial policy
    Wilmington Star - 3/31/1907
    Tags: charity; children; illustrated song; manager; opening notice; promotions; racial policy; ventilation
  5. Odeon Opened Today - Moving Picture Theatre Makes a Good Start and Everything Has Been Pronounced Fire Safe
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/10/1907
    Tags: film title; fire; hours of operation; renovation; re-opening
  6. Graphophone is Not a Nuisance - Odeon - crime
    Wilmington Dispatch - 4/24/1907
    Tags: crime; manager; music; notable; promotions
  7. Mysterious Disappearance - Proprietor of the Odeon Theatre has Not Been Seen Since Thursday - Odeon
    Wilmington Dispatch - 5/4/1907
    Tags: manager; notable
  8. Young Man Is Missing - Mr. Dahmer
    Wilmington Star - 5/5/1907
    Tags: closing; fire
  9. Mr. Dahmer Returned
    Wilmington Star - 5/7/1907
    Tags: notable
  10. The New Odeon - Popular Moving Picture Theatre Under New Management Now - name change
    Wilmington Star - 5/24/1907
    Tags: admission price; alias; manager; morality; name change; program change; racial policy
  11. Dahmer A Suicide
    Wilmington Star - 6/11/1907
    Tags: crime