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Thalian Hall

114 N. Third, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 1934* - unknown
Performance Types movies
Racial Policy
DescriptionThe Opera House was home to the first film screening in Wilmington—possibly the first in North Carolina. Before the opening of the city’s first movie theater in 1906, the Opera House served as Wilmington’s principal moviegoing venue, exhibiting films occasionally as part of its regular entertainment offerings.
NotesThalian Hall is also known as the Opera House and the Academy of Music. On the basis of the Reaves clippings, Thalian Hall showed movies in 1934 and 1935
Building NotesStreet number is an approximation; located on the corner of 3rd and Princess behind city hall, police headquarters, and public library; balcony (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Wilmington, N.C., 1915, p. 13); prior to 1915, Academy of Music was opera house, but no indication of showing movies (Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Wilmington, N.C., 1910, p. 7)
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Newspaper Clippings

  1. Thalian Hall- "Colored Persons To Be Admitted To Show"- Audiences and Race
    Wilmington Star - 4/21/1934
    Tags: admission price; balcony, racially segregated; film title; racial policy
  2. Colony is Closed - Theatre Began as the Victoria - No Plans For Old Structure
    Wilmington Star - 10/31/1974
    Tags: actualities; alias; architect; band or orchestra; closing; company; feature film; film title; hotel; manager; name change; renovation; re-opening; seating capacity; sound films; vaudeville
  3. The Colony Comes Down - Victoria - alias
    Wilmington Star - 4/24/1975
    Tags: alias; architect; company; feature film; film title; manager; name change; renovation; seating capacity; sound films; vaudeville