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620 S. Eighth Street, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 12/1911* - 1918*
Performance Types movies , vaudeville
Racial Policy black (1911*)
DescriptionThe Queen was what was known in the show business industry of 1910 as a "small-time" vaudeville theater, meaning that its program consisted of more-or-less equal portions of one-reel films and vaudeville acts: singers, dancers, comics, etc.
Building NotesThe Queen's location was noted as the intersection of Queen and Eighth Streets, southeast of downtown Wilmington in the Dry Pond neighborhood. The Queen does not appear, as such, on the Sanborn map set for 1915. From it, we can determine the most likely location, however: the southwest corner of Queen and Eighth streets, at 620 S. Eighth. The 50' x 75' frame structure at this site is labeled "vacant" on the 1915 Sanborn map. This is the largest building at this intersection and the only one not labeled "D" for dwelling. The theater was geo-referenced with coordinates obtained by plotting the Queen's address at 620 S. Eighth on a current map.
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    Wilmington Star - 12/24/1911
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