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, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 7/1905 - 1930*
Performance Types musical performances , movies (7/1905)
Racial Policy
DescriptionIt is difficult to pin down exactly what Lumina was in a single term. It was a dance pavilion, beach resort, special events venue, bowling alley, penny arcade, lunch room, and, beginning in the summer of 1905, a place many Wilmingtonians experienced movies. The main attractions of Lumina were its position on the beach and its 6,000 square foot dance pavilion, featuring a huge dance floor and seats ringing it for spectators
Building NotesIn the Lumina’s first season of operation in 1905 a movie screen was erected on the beach, so that movies could be viewed from the beach porches, and, later, the terrace or “Hurricane Deck,” as it was known. “Movies over the waves” became a Lumina tradition. Rather than a pianist or orchestra, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean provided accompaniment to the silent films.
Associated Persons
Bonitz, Henry E. architect
Skelding, A.B. manager
Associated Organizations
Tidewater Power Company unknown (1904*)


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