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Brooklyn Theatre

1021 N. Fourth, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dates of Operation 2/1914* - 1928*
Performance Types movies (2/1914*) , vaudeville (2/1914*)
Capacity 450 (1927*)
Racial Policy black (6/1914*)
DescriptionThe Brooklyn was constructed in the Wilmington neighborhood of that same name as a black vaudeville theater.
NotesIt appears likely that the Brooklyn was not planned as a black theater, but at some point, perhaps as early as the summer of 1914, it did become a black theater.
Building NotesThe Brooklyn Theatre was built as a vaudeville theater in 1914 at 1021 N. Fourth Street, near the corner of North Fourth and Davis Streets in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Wilmington. It appears as "moving picture theatre" on the Sanborn map of 1915 at that site, and measured approximately 50 feet by 80 feet.
Associated Persons
Ezzell, William H. manager
Whippler, Morris H. manager
Associated Organizations
Carolina Metal Products Company unknown (2/1914*)


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