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  1. ['A & T College'] ['312 Dudley'], Greensboro, NC
    Tags: non-theatrical venue
  2. ['A-Mus-U'] ['Second St.'], Lumberton, NC
    Tags: black theater
  3. ['Academy'] Hickory, NC
  4. ['Academy (of Music)'] Greensboro, NC
    Tags: opera house
  5. ['Academy of Music'] ['114 N. Third'], Wilmington, NC
    Tags: balcony; opera house
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Newspaper Clippings

  1. ['Grand Opening ']
    ['Wilmington Star'] 04/07/1868
    Tags: opening notice
  2. ['Ice Cream!']
    ['Wilmington Star'] 04/30/1868
  3. ['Ice Cream Saloon.']
    ['Wilmington Star'] 05/02/1868
  4. ['Ice Cream Saloon.']
    ['Wilmington Star'] 05/17/1868
  5. ["Otterbourg's Iron Front Men's Wear Depot"]
    ['Wilmington Star'] 12/02/1880
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  1. ['Ambassador Theater Lobby']
    Venues: Ambassador
    Tags: american indians; balcony; feature film; film title
  2. ['Center Theater']
    Venues: Center
  3. ['Center Theater Early 1960s']
    Venues: Center
  4. ['Center Theater Early 1960s']
    Venues: Center
  5. ['Center Theater Facade']
    Venues: Center Theater
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Architectural Drawings

  1. ['Architctural Drawing- Front, Rear, Right and Left Side Elevation- Charlotte Dilworth Theater']
    Venues: Dilworth
  2. ['Architectural Design- Box Office Floor Plan- Ambassador Raleigh']
    Venues: Ambassador
    Tags: racial policy
  3. ['Architectural Design- Floor Plan Balcony- Rex Hendersonville']
    Venues: Rex Theatre
    Tags: balcony; seating capacity
  4. ['Architectural Design- Second Floor Plan Balcony- Center Rocky Mount']
    Venues: Center
    Tags: balcony, racially segregated; ventilation
  5. ['Architectural Drawing - Auditorium Floor Plan - Lexington Carolina Theater']
    Venues: Carolina Theater
    Tags: balcony
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  1. ['Airdome Timeline Commentary']
    Venues: Airdome
    Tags: music; seasonal exhibition
  2. ['Bailey Theater, Wilmington, N.C. 1940 Commentary']
    Venues: Bailey
  3. ['Bailey Theatre Timeline Commentary']
    Venues: Bailey
  4. ['Bijou Timeline Commentary']
    Venues: Bijou
    Tags: concessions; tent
  5. ['Broadway Theater, Fayetteville, 1950 Commentary']
    Venues: Broadway
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  1. ['A. David Company to M. Rosenmann']
    ['Wilmington Star']
  2. ['Advertisement for Murphy and Company']
    ['Wilmington Messenger']
  3. ['Advertisement for Sternberger Groceries']
    ['Wilmington Messenger']
  4. ["Alberman's Grocery Store Robbed"]
    ['Wilmington Star']
  5. ['Another Important Front Street Realty Deal']
    ['Wilmington Star'] 01/11/1912
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  1. ['Adams, W.T. ']
    Venues: Welcome; Adams
  2. ['Adjutant R. E. Bergren']
    Venues: Tabernacle Baptist Church
  3. ['Allen, Robert G. ']
    Roles: proprietor
    Venues: Superba Theatre
  4. ['Allen, W.J. ']
    Venues: Orpheum; Orpheum
  5. ['Amos, C.H.']
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