Candy Day

The Joyland's manager tried several promotions to boost attendance, particularly for the Friday shows. Friday, October 14, was "candy day" at the Joyland, and the ledger shows that 85 cents had been spent a few days before on "chicklets" (chewing gum) to be handed out to patrons. Receipts were up that day, but only $1.25 over the previous Friday, once the cost of the chicklets was deducted. There are two further expense entries for "chicklets" and "candy" with the notation "for matinee" in the ledger for later weeks, suggesting that "candy day" was tried a few more times. Giving candy away also suggests that the Joyland did not sell concessions (candy, peanuts, etc.) as did its competitor, the Bijou. There are no further expense entries for candy, and no separate category for receipts from concessions in the ledger.

The following Friday was "high school day," and the Wilmington Star commented the next day that the Joyland had been "crowded to capacity."

The ledger does not include receipts for Friday, October 22, however.