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Dreamland May Be Enlarged - balcony, racially segregated

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Title Dreamland May Be Enlarged - balcony, racially segregated
Date 10/14/1912
Item Type Newspaper (article)
Publication Asheville Citizen
Description Article mentions that the Dreamland theater may be enlarged to include a balcony for negroes. "Popular vaudeville house contemplates additions to present capacity - will get more acts." "If present plans mature, extensive alterations will be made in the Dreamland theatre...A New York capitalist, a theatrical man of wide experience, will probably join Adolph Kohn, present owner of the Dreamland...The plans include the installation of a glass front making a vestibule entrance to the theatre which will be steam heated. The second story will be taken out and a balcony running around the rear and sides of the theatre will be built. Provision will be made for a five-piece orchestra in the rear balcony part of which will be given over to negroes. Mr. Kohn expects that the present seating capacity of 500 will be trebled and he intends to increase his vaudeville numbers and to improve their quality."
Notes Article about "balcony for negros"
Associated Venues Dreamland
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Repository North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill